Nutrition workshops

Coming soon!

We are far more than just a restaurant. Our entire mentality is based around a food offer that works alongside your training programme and supports your goals. That's why we have teamed up with expert nutritionist from the English Institute of Sport and are currently devising our nutrition workshop programme with our lead nutritionist, James Moran. James supports athletes on how to optimise their health and offers nutrition support to athletes in a range of different sports such as cycling, triathlon and boxing. He has also recently worked as Performance Nutritionist with the British Para-Swimming team.

In addition to world leading performance nutritionists, our expert chefs will also work closely with your athletes to show them the right choices in their day-to-day cooking, in active workshops for up to six athletes at a time. Far from hiding away in the kitchen, they are an active player in your time with us. Being on hand to support athletes with advice and operating the kitchen hours to suit your programme. Wherever possible, when you need to eat, our chefs will be ready to serve the right food to support your goals.

Further to the day-to-day operation of the kitchen, athletes will be able to book in for their own dedicated cookery lessons, designed by James Moran and delivered by our team of chefs. We will also be rolling out our packages for athletes to cook their own 'meal in a bag' to take home with them. Forget other meal prep providers - this will be the ultimate meal prep, designed by a real performance nutritionist, and prepared by you!

Watch this space for full details of this service.