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Our high performance restaurant provides a world class, flexible, performance nutrition service in a purpose-built environment enabling elite athletes to meet their dietary needs. The menu and environment serves as a vehicle to educate and empower athletes on how to make appropriate food choices to achieve and optimise their individual nutritional goals: Ultimately enhancing athlete health, recovery, training and competition performance.

Elite athletes needs to choose accommodation wisely when travelling for competition or training. The most appropriate accommodation is somewhere that balances rest & relaxation with the right training facilities to keep you in shape and performing to optimum levels. A standard hotel visit is more than likely to include some form of refreshment and food intake and this is where the challenges start from a nutrition point of view.

Even if you are working to a strict diet, the temptation of a hotel breakfast buffet can be hard to resist, not to mention the issues of portion control and cooking methods. That's why we are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to optimal training, including the right fuelling and refuelling choices.

For athletes to perform at their best, eating behaviour and food psychology are as important as the nutritional values and ingredients in the food itself. We therefore need to help athletes by making the right foods available and accessible. It is less a matter of control and more a case of supporting athletes by directing their behaviour in the right direction – ultimately the choices are their own, but we can help by giving them the best possible options in the first place.

Chris McLeod, PhD Eating behaviour

This attitude to training and nutrition is fundamental to our food operation. We are working in partnership with UK Sport, Sport England and English Institute of Sport to create a world leading training facility that meets the unique needs of high performance athletes. Whether you're in training for the Olympic Games, in pre-season training or post event recuperation, the Elite Athlete Centre provides you with a world class high performance environment, ensuring you can perform to the best of your ability.

Finding the perfect accommodation with the right nutritional focus is a challenge facing the whole sporting sector, particularly when it comes to accommodating the needs of individual athletes. This is a key reason why leading nutritionist, Sophie Killer, is endorsing our approach to nutrition:

A big part of our role is to ensure that an athlete is fuelled to train in way that allows their body to maximise its adaptive response, as this is what ultimately enables them to improve. This means we advise athletes on what to eat before and after training to fuel the session and assist with recovery from it.

Sophie Killer, British Athletics and EIS Performance Nutritionist

Our menus contain scalable options from the key nutrition building blocks. Athletes, their coaches and nutritionists can choose to have more or less of each individual element to suit their requirements and training needs. We are also supporting this process through the eating environment with the use of food stations that encourage athletes to move around and discourage the plate loading that often occurs in a traditional hotel buffet.

Our chefs are also on hand to offer valuable support. Rather than staying in the kitchen, unseen by the guests, they are on hand to discuss the food on offer and make recommendations to maximise the experience and nutritional value of each plate. Our whole menu and environment serves as a vehicle to educate and empower you to achieve your health and performance goals through fresh, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, which will in turn enhance your health, recovery and performance.