Performance analysis

Loughborough University's Performance Analysis team works extremely closely with coaches and athletes on the ground, to ensure we offer timely responses to their needs.

Our team use the breakdown of video and data to help inform the review and preview process carried out by our performance coaches/players. This is done through the filming of games, the notational collection of statistics and databasing of pre-existing information, with the aim of providing an objective view to confirm the reality of performance and breakdown perception.

We are supported by a partnership with HUDL meaning our coaches, athletes and analysts have access to high end industry standard platforms and software. Our performance analysis team has extensive experience in industry working with teams such as England Netball, Wales FA and Leicester Tigers.

Andy Rhys Jones - Performance Analysis Lead

Andy has a wealth of experience working in rugby with England Students, GB Students 7s and most recently Leicester Tigers. His role is to manage and co-ordinate the delivery of analysis to our performance sport teams including the recruitment and training of volunteers, leading the mentorship programme and expanding performance analysis provision through leading the analysis strategy group. Andy also works closely with both men’s and women’s rugby team in the direct mentorship of rugby placement students and the delivery of performance analysis to both coaches, players and the rugby multi-disciplinary team.