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Aimed at individuals with no or very little nutrition knowledge.

Workshop to introduce the individual to our nutrition philosophy, food groups and to take away new knowledge on nutrition.
Corporate/beginner sport.

Aimed at individuals with limited nutrition knowledge.

Workshop to introduce the individual to our nutrition philosophy and to take away knowledge on nutrition.
Athlete with nutrition knowledge

Aimed at individuals who have sound knowledge of nutrition.

Workshop to develop cooking skills and understanding of how to use food to achieve their performance goals. 
LocationSeminar roomSeminar roomThe Kitchen
Duration1 hour2 hours3 - 4 hours
EAC philosophy coveredYesYesIntro only
Food groups coveredYesYesIntro only
What food is prepared?1 x menu item (healthy smoothie or salad)1 x menu item (ingredients to make healthy choices about food)2 menu items - starter and main

Food prepared byChefDelegates themselvesDelegates themselves
What food is eaten?Sample onlyEat what you makeEat what you make
Handouts/CollateralBasic incl. recipeBasic incl. recipeHealthy tips /
recipe /
reinforcing philosophy
Lead time2 weeks2 weeks2 weeks
Maximum numbers
Min -tbc, Max -tbcMin -tbc, Max -tbcMin -tbc, Max -tbc


£410 +vat

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£510 +vat

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Bespoke packages

We can also provide tailored workshops and work with your performance team to design the package to meet your training needs / performance goals.

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Our high performance nutrition philosophy:

“To provide a world class, flexible, performance nutrition food service in a purpose built environment to enable elite athletes to meet their individual dietary needs. The menu and environment will serve as a vehicle to educate and empower athletes on how to make appropriate food choices to achieve and optimise their individual nutritional goals: Ultimately enhancing athlete health, recovery, training and competition performance.”