Relaxation and recuperation are vital elements of your training programme and giving yourself ample opportunity to relax between training can have significant benefits on your performance.

The proposed benefits of relaxation strategies to sport performers are well documented and are widely used to help athletes' recovery, to function better in competition and to allow other training strategies to be learnt more effectively.

An athlete's ability to effectively relax needs to be afforded with sufficient time and the right environment to practise effective techniques, whether it be simple breathing techniques or other popular techniques like Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

That's why The Lounge is every bit as important to our performance ethos as the altitude bedrooms and nutrition restaurant. It is a space designated for athletes to make the most of their downtime - to effectively relax in a space that you won't find in other hotels, whilst staying connected to the outside world.

Features of our relaxation room include:

  • Ergonomic seating designed for athletes to be comfortable
  • "Grassy knoll" area where athletes can lay back and spread out fully
  • Specially designed bench seating where athletes can power nap
  • An exclusive area for athletes only
  • 400Mbps Wi-Fi network to keep you connected as you relax
  • TV with multi device connectivity for your games consoles/entertainment equipment
  • Classic board games